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April 15th, 2015 by admin

Exhibition Dates: March 19 to April 11, 2015.

Peter Miller

The current exhibit, “New Perspectives” brings many creative and technical pieces together to create broad, sweeping panoramics. Peter Miller’s images are composed of as many as 45 images that are digitally stitched together.

The panoramic technique allows a broad view of a scene and at the same time captures all the intricate details. Peter’s goal is to go beyond what is seen within the camera’s view finder and reproduce the actual experience of being within a scene.

Inspiration is taken from the Dutch landscape painters from the 1600s especially Jacob van Ruisdael. The expansive skies and “divine light” in his paintings makes the figures and their homes below seem as if they are being watched over by the heavens, beneath a divine benevolence.

Peter’s panoramics merge the big skies with street level views of everyday scenes — people walking to work, out on their boats — and freeze those transient moments. The themes are shared with van Ruisdael: transience and permanence; the sublime and the mundane; the forces of nature and the efforts of man to harness nature.

See the exhibit.

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Don Gregory

“Natural Intensity”, is a sampling of Don Gregory’s bold colors, compelling macro views, and majestic landscapes. Don’s photographs are presented on a grand scale that bathes the viewer in brilliant hues and rich textures.

Don recalls, “I always thought I would be a painter and looked at my photography as a way to record my “history” – a recording medium rather than an art form. But somewhere along the line I became frustrated by my inability to paint the way I wanted to and turned to photography as an artistic medium. My love of painting and the way that painters use light has had a major impact on my photography. That and my conversion to digital photography and photo editing software and the creative range that it provides, are probably the major influences in what you see today. (The highest compliment you can pay me is to say: “Wow! I thought that was a painting!”.)

“My landscapes, botanicals and outdoor photographs are meant to celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature, to foster appreciation of the natural world, both big and small.”

See the exhibit.

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